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syntropic farming comic book.

This beautiful guide created by Bora Permaculturar is open source and free to the public. Packed with tons of information to get you started on your Syntropic journey, this guide is perfect for anyone interested in getting involved and making a difference. Click the picture to download! 

syntropic farming intro lecture.

In this opening lecture to a Syntropic Farming Workshop led by Thiago Barbosa and Fernando Rebello at Rancho Mastatal in Costa Rica, Thiago walks us through the principles of Syntropy and how we can apply them. This video is suitable for anyone looking to dive into the theory and principles of Syntropy.

life in syntropy.

In this video you will be introduced to this revolutionary new method of regenerative agriculture through the words and minds of the people at Agenda Gotsch, the organization founded by Ernest Gotsch, the founder of Syntropic Farming. Be sure to follow them on Youtube for more content directly from the source!

interview with robin nunes.

Robin Nunes, co-founder of Rancho Mastatal, a sustainability education center in Mastatal, Costa Rica, sat down with WTSG host and Kiskeya International founder, Jean-Ronald Lallemand back in 2019 to discuss what it means to build a sustainable future from scratch in the rainforests of Costa Rica. We deep dive into her own personal motives, her life, and the decisions that shaped her journey. If you're interested in venturing out into the world in search of your own sustainable future, Eyes Up, Worldchanger! This one's for you!

Kiskeya Farms Brochure

In this brochure you'll find more detailed information on our mission, goals, and procedure. Click the picture to download!

An Illustrated Guide to Agroforestry_Pag
Brochure 2021.png
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