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meet kiskeya.

Artists, Scientists, Entreprenuers, and Educators

We are a solutions-oriented reforestation nonprofit focused on providing regenerative long-term solutions to high-risk communities. What this means is, we, as an organization, research the environmental, social, and economic issues facing a community and find solutions to said problems. We then educate ourselves while collaborating with experts in the field to implement these solutions, while also teaching the people themselves everything we have learned. To sum it up short, we first teach ourselves to fish, then we teach everyone else. 

meet the founder.



A first-generation Haitian-American, Jean-Ronald has a strong passion for history, service, and activism. In the wake of the multiple natural disasters that devastated Haiti, Jean-Ronald set about to find a solution that could restore Haiti and its people and divert their future from its projected path. Instead of one solution, he found many. Slowly over time, combined with an empathetic, collaborative, and innovative approach, those solutions became Kiskeya International.

meet the team.

our partners.

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