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It is the mission of Kiskeya International to bring an end to deforestation,

hunger, and poverty in the world's most at-risk communities by combining regenerative agricultural practices and innovative solutions.

meet the founders.

meet the founder.

Board of Directors:
Kylie Conner, Danielle Dygert, Monica Sirrochi, Fernando Valbuena, Qiyamah Williams



A first-generation Haitian-American, Jean-Ronald has a strong passion for history, service, and activism. In the wake of the multiple natural disasters that devastated Haiti, Jean-Ronald set about to find a solution that could restore Haiti and its people and divert their future from its projected path. Instead of one solution, he found many. Slowly over time, combined with an empathetic, collaborative, and innovative approach, those solutions became Kiskeya International.



united nations.

Phase I

The Kiskeya Team is currently training internationally in Syntropic Farming, Permaculture Design, Aircrete and Bamboo Architecture.

Phase II

Kiskeya Farms will fight the deforestation of Haiti through the use of Syntropic and sustainable bamboo farming, while also teaching these skills to the people.

Phase III

Kiskeya will engage in sustainable development initiatives such as empowering entrepreneurs, building community spaces, and expanding our training programs.

Phase IV

Kiskeya will transition out of Haiti while empowering the local people to continue the work of healing their nation.



Kiskeya International is an independent not-for-profit Florida corporation that has been qualified by the Federal Internal Revenue Service as an IRC 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions to Kiskeya International are tax-deductible as allowed by Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). 
For more information on Kiskeya International and how you can contribute, send us an email. 
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